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Learn about purchasing "green" office products from three experts. These slides are from the April 11, 2014 Sustainable Purchasing of Office Products webinar.

Download the slides:

Responsible Purchasing 101 by Scot Case of UL Environment

Green Office Supplies by Alicia Culver of the Responsible Purchasing Network

Greening your Consumption, Selection, Behavior, and Waste by Ken Perdue of Staples

Environmental Sustainability and Behavioral Science: Meta-analysis of Pro-environmental Behavior Experiments

Watch More:
Watch the webinar "Environmental Sustainability and Behavioral Science: Meta-analysis of Pro-environmental Behavior Experiments"

Learn More:
Environmental Sustainability Behavioral Science: Meta-analysis of Pro-environmental Behavior Experiments (Richard Osbaldiston)

Embedding Sustainability in an Organizational Structure

Watch More:
Watch the webinar "Embedding Sustainability In An Organizational Structure"

Learn More:
Embedding Sustainability In Organizational Structure (Stephanie Bertels)


Learn about energy efficiency measures that will save money and improve operations in grocery and convenience stores.

Watch More:
Watch the webinar "Easy Energy Savings for Convenience and Grocery Stores"

Learn More:
Hy-Vee Sustainability Practices (Dan Willrich, Jon Scanlan)
Easy Energy Saving and Funding (Jean Waters)

Hotels, motels, and inns have found ways to cut energy and water use, reduce solid waste and use safer chemicals—while improving their bottom line.


Read More:
Green Key Checklist

Learn More:
Greening the Midwest Hotel Industry (Dan Ruben slides)
Marketing Green Hotels (Peter Cooke slides)
Financing Energy Efficiency Improvements (Jean Waters slides)

Read and SAVE$$ Links on this page supplement the Easy Energy & Materials Savings booklet--case studies from Midwest businesses that undertook easy projects to increase operational efficiency and in the process saved money. Thanks to EPA funding, we are able to make a digital copy of this booklet available to you. Topics include:

Green Team Compressed Air Waste Management Hierarchy
Lighting Packaging Lifecycle Analysis
Water Energy Resources Energy Management Systems
Solvents Business Assistance Greenhouse Gas Tools

Forming a green team within your business can exponentially increase your productivity and impact, not to mention boosting the image of your business!
Read more:
Create a Green Team
Corporate Green Teams
Engage Your Green Team

Start here! Lighting improvements are one of the easiest and most cost-effective projects to start saving.
Read more:
EnergyStar: The Truth About Mercury
Fluorescent Lighting
Industrial Lighting

Watch more:
Lighting Webinar from P2Ric Summer Webinars
Save Money with Lighting

Learn more (PDF):
Cory Fuehrer, Energy Program Manager, NPPD
David A. Carter, K-State Pollution Prevention Institute
Jodi Vallante, Commercial Engineer, Osram Sylvania

They are not only expensive, but can also be hazardous! Fortunately non-hazardous, lower-cost alternatives are available. BONUS! If you can't cut solvents from your cleaning operations, watch the webinar to learn how to use them more efficiently.
Read more:
Solvents and Cleaners Publications
Simple Solutions Database
Solvent Substitution to Reduce Air Emissions
Case Study--Marketing Green Cleaning Services

Watch more:
Solvent Substitutions Webinar from P2Ric Summer Webinars

Learn more (PDF):
Heidi Wilcox, Field Specialist, Toxic Use Reduction Institute (TURI)
Marie Steinwachs, Director, Missouri Environmental Assistance Center

Water usage has been overlooked for decades, but companies are noticing that water and wastewater disposal costs are draining their budgets.
Read more:
Saving Water in Business
All About Water Savings: WaterSense
International Business Water Savings

Yes, air is still free … however, it costs to keep it under pressure. Stop air (and money) leakage from your systems!
Read more:
Electric vs Pneumatic Tools
Guide to Saving with Compressed Air
Energy Efficient Compressed Air Systems

Watch more:
Compressed Air Systems from P2RIC Vimeo

Learn more (PDF):
Jeff Becker, MnTAP Technical Director, University of Minnesota
Bruce Dvorak, Partners in Pollution Prevention, UNL

Who wants to pay twice for packaging? Choose energy efficient packaging options to prevent paying for packaging AND its disposal.
Read more:
Packaging and Shipping [publication list]
Case Study: Food and Beverage Packaging
Packaging: A Mushrooming Business

Watch more:
Packaging Savings Go Beyond Recycling Webinar from P2RIC on Vimeo

Learn more (PDF):
Gail Tavil, ConAgra Foods
Jennifer Reutzel, Department of Natural Resources
Sara Hartwell, Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery, EPA

When purchasing products or equipment, do you consider the total cost over the lifespan of the product? Smart businesses look at hidden costs including energy to operate the equipment, disposal, maintenance, and supplies.
Read more:
Life Cycle Assessment 101 [EPA document]
Lifecycle Assessment and Sustainability Agenda
Sustainable Design Tool: LCA Calculator

Think of one way to produce less waste in your business today. As efforts focus on the more preferable options in the hierarchy and move from disposal towards reduction, opportunities for savings increase.
Read more:
EPA Waste-Wise
Solid Waste Management
Save Money, Reduce Waste

Knowing where to look for savings and where to invest time and effort requires an ongoing program. An EMS can be used to identify and manage waste and assure continuous improvements.
Read more:
Environmental Management Systems [primer]

When businesses look at waste reduction, they discover environmental benefits in addition to monetary savings. Do your part to reduce your business’ carbon footprint!
Read more:
Greenhouse Gas Analysis Tool
Pulp and Paper Mills: Estimating Greenhouse Gases

Watch more:
Get Help Reducing Energy Use

Energy Star
Energy Efficiency [publication list]
Energy Star Financial Tools


Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Pollution Prevention Services coordinates and manages pollution prevention on-site technical assistance and P2 information for large business and industry, institutions, and government. Assistance is   more
Contact Person:  Jeff Fiagle
Des Moines, IA

Ozarks Center for Sustainable Solutions
The Ozarks Center For Sustainable Solutions is a non-regulatory confidential program offered by Drury University. The program is an extension of the university's Environmental Science program. Ou  more
Contact Person:  Douglas Neidigh
Springfield, MO

Partners in Pollution Prevention (P3)
The University of Nebraska-Lincoln's (UNL) Partners in Pollution Prevention (P3) program has helped both area college students and Nebraska businesses since 1997. P3 is an outreach assistance program   more
Contact Person: Valdeen Nelsen
Lincoln, NE

Pollution Prevention Institute
Vision and Mission PPI's vision is for a healthy Kansas environment that fosters economic and environmental sustainability and growth. PPI's mission is to promote sustainability through e  more
Contact Person:  Nancy Larson
Manhattan, KS

Iowa Waste Reduction Center
Since 1988, the IWRC has helped small businesses comply with federal and state environmental regulations. By incorporating on-site reviews, applied research, and hands-on training into its free and co  more
Contact Person:  Dan Nickey
Cedar Falls, IA

Kansas Department of Health and Environment
KDHE's mission is to protect and imrove the health and environment of all Kansans.  more
Contact Person:  Cathy Colglazier
Topeka, KS

Missouri Environmental Assistance Center
The Missouri Environmental Assistance Center (MOEAC) is the one-stop resource for pollution prevention and environmental compliance assistance for Missouri small businesses. MOEAC helps businesses imp  more
Contact Person: Marie Steinwachs
Columbia, MO

Partners in Pollution Prevention (P3)
The University of Nebraska-Lincoln's (UNL) Partners in Pollution Prevention (P3) program has helped both area college students and Nebraska businesses since 1997. P3 is an outreach assistance program   more
Contact Person: Valdeen Nelsen
Lincoln, NE

Bridging the Gap
Our mission is to encourage local and global understanding of our interconnectedness and to develop this understanding through community education and action. Bridging the Gap (BTG), a Kansas City bas  more
Contact Person: Phelps Murdock
Kansas City, MO

WasteCap Nebraska
WasteCap Nebraska Mission Statement: To provide resource conservation assistance to Nebraska businesses. WasteCap Nebraska Goals: Serve as a proactive catalyst for Nebraska businesses and institution  more
Contact Person: Carrie Hakenkamp
Lincoln, NE

EPA Waste-Wise
Free, voluntary partnership to assist and recognize organizations that reduce or eliminate solid waste and select industrial wastes.

Energy Star
Energy efficient product labeling, energy management tools, and energy performance recognition for businesses.

Water efficient product labeling, efficient water management tools and information, including landscaping practices and leak detection.

P2RIC is a member of the Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange, a national network of regional information centers: NEWMOA (northeast), ESRC (southeast), GLRPPR (Great Lakes), ZeroWasteNet (southwest), P2RIC (plains), Peaks to Prairies (mountain), WSPPN (Pacific southwest), PPRC (northwest).
The Nebraska Business Development Center (NBDC) at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) operates the Pollution Prevention Regional Information Center.
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