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Environmental Sustainability and Behavioral Science: Meta-analysis of Pro-environmental Behavior Experiments
Abstract:An associate professor at Eastern Kentucky University, Dr. Richard Osbaldiston has been studying environmental issues for over 15 years as both an engineer and a psychologist. There have been over 100 published psychological experiments that have attempted to get people to do the right thing for the environment. These experiments have covered many different kinds of behaviors (recycling, energy conservation, etc.) and have used many different ways of motivating people (incentives, information, feedback, etc.) What is the big picture that comes from all of this research? In this webinar, Dr. Osbaldiston discusses his recent meta-analysis of these studies, and he shares what we know-and what we don't know-about promoting pro-environmental behaviors.
Author: Richard Osbaldiston
Publication Date: 05/15/2013
Video Recording Link: Click here

Embedding Sustainability In An Organizational Structure
Abstract:An associate professor at Simon Fraser University's Beedie School of Business, Dr. Stephanie Bertels conducts practitioner-oriented research to help foster innovation towards sustainability. The focus of this webinar is to embed the sustainability in an organizational structure. Stephanie was the lead author of a study on embedding sustainability for the Network for Business Sustainability and developed an embedding sustainability 'wheel' tool that has been well received by industry ( The webinar is part of the Stephanie's current major research study that brings together leading firms to use the 'wheel' to assess what they are doing to embed sustainability, what progress they are making and how to improve their performance.
Author: Stephanie Bertels
Publication Date: 03/19/2013
Video Recording Link: Click here

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